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|| यशवंत हो, जयवंत हो ||

Welcome to Yashwant Baba's website.

Yashwant Baba Shree Yashwant Baba Maharaj born to Saguna Mata and Navaji Mane on 23rd, june of 1923 in Sidheshwar Kuroli , Tal-Khatav, Dist-Satara, Baba's given name was Lakshman. Yashwant Baba is one of the greatest saints in Maharashtra. According to instructions of Shree Yashwant Baba Maharaj, the construction of temple begin in 2005 and a board of trustees is founded with some trustworthy people which you can find in Trustees page. Tea ( चहा, चाय ) is the prasaad to be given to all the devotees in Siddheshwar Kuroli. Shri Yashwant Baba Maharaj used to work continuously all the day, and with this Baba constructed number of hermitage rooms in Ashram area. All the rooms in ashram is built without basic ground foundation and dimensions. Rooms built using only wet sand and Vita. People used to offer rich food, clothes but Baba used to distribute them into there devotees.